The Result of the Vietnam War

1968 - 1973: Paris Peace Talks

  1. The Paris Peace Talks began in 1968 and were part of a peace negotiation effort started by President Johnson that last until 1972.
  2. In January 1973, peace finally arrived when the United States, the Soviet Union, the North Vietnamese, and Vietcong signed a formal agreement with the following provisions:
    1. The U.S. would withdraw forces from Vietnam with 60 days.
    2. All prisoners of war would be released.
    3. All military activity in Laos and Cambodia would end.
    4. The 17th parallel would continue to divide North and South Vietnam until the country could be united.
  3. Vietnamization was President Richard Nixon's plan to withdraw American forces from Vietnam and replace them with South Vietnamese forces that would be strong enough to defend their own freedom.

American troops celebrate leaving Vietnam, 1973.

1975: The Fall of South Vietnam

  1. American involvement in the Vietnam war ended in 1973, but the fighting in Vietnam continued.
  2. Without American troops involved, the North Vietnamese launched a major campaign on South Vietnam.
  3. In 1975, North Vietnamese Communist forces captured the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon, officially ending the war and uniting Vietnam under a single communist regime.
  4. Laos and Cambodia fell to communism shortly after.fall_of_saigon.jpg
Newspaper headlines following the fall of Saigon and defeat of South Vietnam, 1975.

American Losses in the Vietnam War

  1. 58,000 Americans killed.
  2. 300,000 Americans wounded.
  3. 2,500 Americans listed as either prisoners of war or missing in action.
  4. Vietnam was the longest and most unsuccessful war in U.S. history.